• Please pray for God to save Kevin and I, our relationship (if it's God's will), and to work all things together for His good, and for our growth and salvation. Please pray Kevin and I set all the evil habits aside and pick up our Bible's and read every day. And please ask God especially to break the addictions to worldly influences in Kevin's life especially that's he's battled since his childhood. I pray we are both purified in Christ. (Neither of us are perfect, we both have hard pasts... please pray we both will to want to have complete and total victory, and then put aside the chains Satan uses to keep us tied to him.)
  • My son is looking for admission into University pls pray for him my wife business to move forward during this pandemic . I want good hearth for my family. my job protection
  • Prayer request for my three weeks new born baby, we don't know exactly what is wrong with him, but we believe is was a stomach pain, He as being taken to the hospital, we need God miracle, please pray for my family.
  • I would truly be humble if the church joins my family to pray for 3 things specifically:
    1. For God to strengthen my faith and reveal His will for my life
    2. For the Lord to provide me with a Job Opportunity as I am currently unemployed
    3. For the Lord to open the womb of my wife as we are waiting on the Lord to bless us with our first child.