The Evangelism or Outreach team functions in leading the church to grow by providing Biblical leadership in the area of evangelism, working with and under the direction of the church pastor.  This team will enable the church to focus on carrying out the Great Commission and equip the church to carry out the major functions of the Adventist church which include evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship, and worship.


Responsibilities: Evangelism

  1. Assist in oversight of evangelistic ministries of the church, including but not limited to outreach, special evangelism events, missions, etc.
  2. Create culture, environments and training to facilitate evangelism through new and existing ministries inside potter’s outreach
  3. To preach and teach the Bible in accordance with the Adventist doctrine
  4. Work alongside the church leadership in communicating the priority of evangelism and outreach in accordance with the vision of Potter’s outreach..
  5. Create programs that will reach out to people who are not yet Christians/church members and draw them closer to Christ
  6. Lays the foundation for true discipleship by creating a strong foundation of repentance and faith in outreach.
  7. Promotes programs that will nurture the congregation into co-evangelists and faithful disciples
  8. Source materials and develop techniques that that will attract the lost and help believers spread the gospel effectively



Responsibilities: Homefellowship

  1. Determines fellowship priorities, establishes measurable goals, and develops strategies and action plans consistent with Potter’s outreach vision
  2. Appoints Home fellowship leaders for each area and proactively provides oversight for the different home fellowship areas.
  3. Meets with home fellowship leaders quarterly to assess progress of each group
  4. Engage and empower as many members as possible in this area of ministry
  5. Attends all worker’s monthly meetings and provides written updates on the ministry being carried out by his team
  6. Provides a written progress overview of his annual ministry goals to the congregation at least twice a year.
  7. Collaborates with other leaders for the benefit of his area of ministry, the welfare of the entire congregation, and good of God’s kingdom


Competencies & Expectations:

  • Fully embraces the mission, vision and values of potters outreach, seventh day Adventist church.
  • Must be reliable, self-motivated and take initiative.
  • Embrace and adapt to growth, change, innovation and creativity.
  • Use appropriate judgment in the areas of discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality.
  • Have a cooperative, healthy and motivating relationship with coworkers and volunteers.
  • Possess an attitude of servant leadership.
  • Model the call, character and competencies becoming a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Essential Functions:

  • EVANGELIZING: evangelize in various ways in the community
  • EQUIPPING OTHERS to EVANGELIZE: he will train and equip others to evangelize in their spheres of influence
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH: this position will lead and help coordinate a plan for reaching out with the Gospel in meaningful ways to our community. This will include mobilizing the congregation to serve the community in various manners to demonstrate love and represent God's grace to them.
  • MENTORING: this will include meeting with people in the congregation as time allows and as the opportunity and need arises for the sake of helping them mature and grow in Christ
  • PASTORAL COUNSELING: this will include meeting with men and couples for the sake of helping them think biblically regarding their life situations.
  • PREACHING/TEACHING: this will include various opportunities to share God's Word in a formal type setting, including at times on sabbath morning, but also in various smaller classroom forums.
  • VISITATION: this will include visiting the sick at times for prayer and encouragement



Skill Set:

  • Active and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ, evidenced by action, attitude and behavior.
  • A passion for ministry
  • Effective communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal).
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and relate to the congregation.
  • Ability to reach out and connect with families, as needed






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