Media and communication departments promote the use of a sound program of public relations and all contemporary communication techniques, sustainable technologies and media in the promulgation of the gospel.

This department gathers and disseminates news to local media, promotes and projects the gospel to members of the church and the general public, structures the public relationship of the church with its community, 


The media teams objective are:

  1. Use electronic media to raise public awareness of our church—its members, its mission, and its message;
  2. Work to get church activities and events noted in the media, both internally and externallyand help to get the church’s views included in the news adequately and accurately.
  3. Manage the content of what is projected to the church members at any given program.
  4. Oversees the maintenance of church website.
  5. Ensures that website represents church’s mission statement and teachings
  6. Works with and informs pastoral staff regarding any significant updates and revisions
  7. Ensures that church calendar is updated.
  8. Provides pictures on website for activities such as VBS, school, social, etc.
  9. Develops new ways to access sermons off of website.
  10. Coordinator will meet with assistants on a regular basis to divide up tasks.


Communication Team:

  1. Report church activities to local radio, television, and newspapers by submitting news releases and public service announcements, arranging for interviews, writing letters to the editor on matters of concern to the church, writing or assigning feature stories or columns, arranging for photo coverage of congregational activities or events, and serving as a source of information for public media representatives.
  2. Look for opportunities, story ideas, and current issues that concern your church and community.
  3. Seek to become personally acquainted with newspaper editors, broadcast assignment editors, religion reporters, and community relations personnel.
  4. Develop initial contacts with press kits, nurture contacts with phone calls, and follow up contacts with hand-written note cards.
  5. Develop structure on how effective communication with uniformity can be done by the church to both internal audience and external audience

News and Information
It’s vital to keep church members informed about upcoming activities, and equally important to share church news with conference communication directors and the larger Adventist family. To do this effectively, Director/Team members will:

  1. Write articles about upcoming events and maintain church calendar on church website.
  2. Submit articles and photos to conference communication director for conference
    newsletters or sections in union papers.
  3. Maintain an attractive bulletin board in the church lobby highlighting church activities, news, photos, and developments.

Appropriate Spiritual Gifts:

  • Writing
  • Organization

Time Commitment:
The Communications Team members will need to devote at least 2-3 hours per month to inform the church/community/conference of church activities.

Social Media team

Use SM to promote and projects the gospel to members of the church and the general public by;

  1. Oversee the effective and accurate presence of the church on all SM platforms
  2. Ensures that SM contents represents church’s mission statement and teachings
  3. Works with and informs pastoral staff regarding any significant updates and revisions
  4. Ensures that church programs and activities are adequately represented on SM
  5. Explores new ways of communicating church’s mission and beliefs on web such as pastor’s sermons, articles

Appropriate Spiritual Gifts:

  • Leadership
  • Organization

Time Commitment:
The Website Team will need to devote at least 1-2 hours per week depending on time required for special programs.





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