The purpose of the Sabbath School is to make disciples for Christ. It includes the nurture of spiritual growth in members and prospective members, as well as the unchurchedwho come to join in the fellowship, study, sharing and service. The Sabbath School exists not only to minister to its members, but to train those members to minister to others. The Sabbath School is a school of Christian living, not just an event on Sabbath mornings. It can include Bible study groups that meet at other times also. Its purpose is evangelistic, not ritualistic.

In Acts 2:42-47 the Bible gives us a blueprint for the Sabbath School. Verse 42 outlines the goals of the Sabbath School as “teaching and fellowship,” and “breaking bread and prayer.” Verses 43-45 illustrate the strong sense of togetherness, caring and support that must be present in the Sabbath School in order to create a proper atmosphere for learning and growth.


  1. Supervises overall Sabbath school programfrom 8:30-10:05 AM.
  2. In coordination with the church past church pastor, Prepare and implement a worship programfor each Sabbath that is spiritually uplifting from 8:30-10:05 AM.
  3. Coordinate the Friday evening bible/Sabbath school lesson study from 6.30pm to 8.30pm which will serve as a learning class for teacher who will moderate the various classes on Sabbath morning
  4. Work with church leadershipat the beginning of the year to select Adult Sabbath School teachers as well as fill any vacancies that arise during year.
  5. Attend monthly worker’s meetings with the in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their division (programs, classes, etc.).
  6. Plans special programsin coordination with other departments at least once per quarter on the themes of community guest day, potluck, 


  1. Advises the church leadership on orders for SS materials such as quarterlies, the program helps, mission, etc.
  2. Encourages nurturing of class members. They will encourage each of the class participants to provide care and support for those in their classes. Class members will be asked to write, call, or visit those who have been missing.

Appropriate Spiritual Gifts:

  • Leadership
  • Organization

Time Commitment:

The Adult Sabbath School Superintendent/Assistant will need to devote at least 90 minutes per week in organizing the SS program.




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